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Albert Larsson Alberts-Tibro Side Table

Iconic Scandinavian side table by Albert Larsson of Sweden, circa 1950s.


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Also known as the 'table in a jar', these ultra cute, atomic side tables are quickly becoming Scandinavian design icons, as well as much sought-after collectable pieces. Designed by Albert Larsson for Alberts-Tibro of Sweden in the 50s, its small scale makes it perfect for situations in which space is limited, or for use as a plant stand. Constructed of teak and copper, its small, balled atomic feet make it unique and very much of its era. This item is compact and can be fully disassembled, making it very easy to ship.
Designer Albert Larsson
Dimensions Width: 396mm; Height: 456mm
Style mid-century modern, retro, scandinavian, scandinavian modern, vintage, vintage modern
Period 1950s, 1960s, 20th century, 50s, 60s, Fifties, Mid-Century, Sixties
Category Side Tables, Tables
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In excellent vintage condition.
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