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Many homeowners who are crazy about the mid century modern look tend to go all out in the architectural lines of the home (if it is something that they can control). If that is out of the picture, the same homeowners turn their budget onto the furniture, trying to acquire the biggest mid-century modern pieces such as the couch, the table, a couple of ottomans, and so on. Often, lighting is ignored, or left at the very bottom of the list, maybe because most homeowners think that lighting fixtures are quite small, and will not make much of an impact. In this post, we want to correct that misconception. Lighting is important, and there is indeed a mid-century modern style to lighting. Keep on reading to find out how you can give the lighting in your home an authentic mid-century modern feel.

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0 Comments | Posted in Lamps By Jessamine Briones on 12 Dec 2013 03:00:37

Elio Martinelli’s ingenious lights have gone on to become 20th century design icons. As testaments to his enthused vision and refined approach, they boast timeless simplicity and a tangible appreciation for the wide range of materials he utilised. Martinelli’s vintage pieces are sought-after gems for collectors and are constantly inspirational.

Elio Martinelli (1921-2004)

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0 Comments | Posted in Lamps By Karl O'Brien on 1 Jun 2012 15:58:56

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