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Image from Herman Miller


When one thinks of mid-century modern designers, the most famous names that come up are always Charles and Ray Eames. However, the pair weren’t the only cornerstones for the growth and development of this movement. Alongside them is the man we are featuring today- George Nelson. George Nelson also has the honor of being one of the founding fathers of American Modernism. Today, we highlight his life and his work.

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real or fake

The mid-century modern movement produced some of the most distinctive and iconic pieces of furniture. Suddenly, a chair just wasn’t a chair anymore. There were pieces that had distinguishing marks that really identified them to their respective designers.


As the mid-century modern movement got bigger, it became pretty obvious that there were certain pieces that were coveted more than others. So much so that it wasn’t long before fakes, copies and counterfeits surfaced. Collectors of genuine mid-century modern pieces were then presented with a new challenge- How do they tell real from fake? 

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Charles (1907-1978) and Ray (1912-1988) Eames were a powerhouse design team that made an extraordinary, lasting impression on the fields of modern architecture and furniture. Also working in the fields of industrial and graphic design, as well as fine art and film, it seems a conversation about mid-century design cannot realistically omit the Eames and their continuously influential vision.

Charles (1907-1978) and Ray (1912-1988) Eames

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A designer-pioneer of the Modern movement, Milo Baughman’s name is well-known within mid-century modern furniture circles, as well as being solidly linked to the ideas that defined his timeless work: simplicity, distinction and enduring appeal.

Milo Baughman (1923-2003)

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