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Carl-Harry Stålhane Ceramic Bowl

A quality, small ceramic bowl by Carl-Harry Stålhane for Rörstrand, circa 1950s, one of Sweden's foremost stoneware producers. Price includes shipping worldwide.


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Stålhane began his artistic career at Rörstrand in 1939 as an assistant to the prolific Gunnar Nylund. Together they formed what came to be an extended period of greatness for Swedish stoneware. Much Like Nylund's work, Stålhane's ceramics are clean and self-assured stoneware items; his forms are delicate yet masculine and emit a presence of their own. In 1948, he had his own line of stoneware in production and was later appointed Rörstrand artistic director after Gunnar Nylund. Stålhane remained at Rörstrand until 1973.
Designer Carl-Harry Stålhane
Dimensions Depth: 145mm; Width: 143mm; Height: 75mm
Style mid-century modern, retro, scandinavian, scandinavian modern, vintage, vintage modern
Period 1950s, 20th century, 50s, Fifties, Mid-Century
Category Ceramics
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A lovely piece in excellent vintage condition.
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