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Danish Teak Dining Chairs

A set of ten (10) Danish teak dining chairs in very good vintage condition, circa 1950s.

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A large, comfortable, sturdy set of ten (10) 1950s Danish teak dining chairs with vinyl seats and seatbacks in the style of Erik Buch. As with most Scandinavian furniture of this era, this great set of chairs possess their own sense of style and elegance through their simplicity and conscientious construction.
Designer Unknown
Dimensions Depth: 460mm; Width: 490mm; Height: 470mm
Style danish, danish modern, danish retro, mid-century modern, retro, scandinavian, scandinavian modern, vintage, vintage modern
Period 1950s, 20th century, 50s, Fifties, Mid-Century
Category Chairs, Dining Chairs
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In very good vintage condition; some minor issues on some of seats and seatbacks.

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