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Shipping and Delivery

How can we deliver large and heavy items quickly, safely and at the lowest cost to all corners of the World? This was one of the greatest challenges for Mid-century Online and we have invested heavily to build the infrastructure, systems and partnerships to enable our customers to source beautiful furniture, cost effectively, no matter where they are located. From packing, to delivery, to cost, and service Mid-century Online simply outshines our competitors in every way.

All items will be shipped fully insured for their cost price.

Free Shipping UK and Ireland

Mid-century Online provides FREE shipping to anywhere in the UK and Ireland. We run a delivery service to the UK every two weeks. If you require a piece to be delivered quicker than our service allows, then we will provide you with expedited shipping quotations from our partners and allow you to choose the option that best suits you. All items delivered by Mid-century Online will unpacked by us inside your home or office. You will be free to inspect each item and can return it for any reason, 100% money back, guaranteed.

All items delivered by other services may not include delivery to within your premises, as most services are to the door only. You must also be aware that when items are delivered by another service, there may materials like cardboard, pallets, crates and plastic wrapping that will need to be disposed of by you after the delivery. Blanket wrap services by others will be available, but they generally cost 2-3 times that of freight shipping.

If you use a service other than our own then check the packaging upon arrival for signs of poor handling and make sure to note any damage when signing. All items will be fully insured, but the damage needs to be photographed and reported quickly. Items delivered by other services are still subject to Mid-century Online's 100% money back guarantee. The guarantee covers shipping to your premisis, however you must pay for return shipping.

Low Cost Shipping Worldwide

Mid-century Online provides low cost shipping around the World. All items will be packaged carefully so they arrive in pristine condition, however, they will be fully insured for the full item cost price. In most cases, any items shipped outside the European Union will require a wooden crate if shipped by freight, so you will have to be prepared for this once the item arrives in your country. Sometimes the shipping companies will remove the crate for you, but it is not a guarantee that this will happen.

You, the buyer, will be responsible for all import duties on any purchases. We can provide a shipper who can help with the paperwork, etc but the cost must be paid by the customer.

All items still subject to Mid-century Online's 100% money back guarantee. The guarantee covers shipping to your premisis, however you must pay for return shipping.

To calculate shipping costs simply add an item to your shopping cart and choose your country from the dropdown list to get a quote in real-time.

If you have you have further questions about shipping please contact us using one of the methods below.

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