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Kinetic sculpture by Curtis Jere for Artisan House.

Kinetic sculpture by Curtis Jere for Artisan House.

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Discover the exquisite beauty of the Marble-based Sculpture by Curtis Jere, a remarkable piece handcrafted for Artisan House. This captivating sculpture is a true testament to the artist's ingenuity and skill, showcasing a fusion of materials and a dynamic design that will leave you in awe.

Standing proudly atop a polished marble base, this sculpture commands attention with its unique composition. The base, carefully selected for its quality and visual appeal, has undergone meticulous polishing to eliminate any imperfections, ensuring a flawless presentation. The smooth surface now serves as the perfect foundation for the artistry that rests upon it.

At the heart of this masterpiece, a swirling Verdigris-colored metal piece captivates the eye. Crafted with precision, it emanates a sense of fluidity and movement, as if frozen in a moment of graceful motion. The dynamic nature of the design is further enhanced by a series of thin brass rods that have been expertly welded to the swirling metal form, adding depth and texture to the sculpture.

A distinguishing feature of this exceptional piece is the metal disc situated atop the marble base, proudly bearing the artist's signature—Curtis Jere. This metal disc serves as a testament to the authenticity and provenance of the sculpture, connecting the viewer to the artistic legacy of the renowned artist.

Engaging both the sense of sight and touch, the delicate brass rods react to the gentlest touch or the passage of a strong breeze. Their slight movement creates a sense of kinetic energy, as if the sculpture has a life of its own. This interactive element adds an extra dimension of intrigue and captivates the imagination, making this sculpture an engaging and ever-changing work of art.

Dating back to the mid to late 80s or early 90s, this Curtis Jere sculpture embodies the timeless appeal of contemporary art from that era. Its design transcends time, seamlessly blending with both classic and modern interior aesthetics. Whether displayed as a centerpiece on a mantel, an accent on a shelf, or as a focal point in a gallery, this sculpture elevates any space it graces.

Indulge in the beauty and artistic excellence of the Marble-based Sculpture by Curtis Jere for Artisan House. With its dynamic design, skillful craftsmanship, and captivating movement, this piece is a true celebration of artistic expression. Let it become the centerpiece of your collection, a symbol of your appreciation for artistry and refinement.

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